Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 22- Hanging Out In Town

For some reason I completely misunderstood the time for Munchkin's doc appointment. I swear Hubby told me one time but then it turned out to be another time and...*sigh*. I had to drag Munchkin out of bed, rush through breakfast, speed through the shower, and finally get everyone in the car and on the road. Why are we NEVER on time?

Since we were so late for the appointment they moved us to a different time and we ambled over to my doc for another blood drawn, hopefully for the last time. I love my OB, she has a great office and I always feel cared for when I go there.

Once they drained some goo from me (I got a neon pink band-aid!) we went to the peds office for Munchkin to be poked and prodded. Turns out she has eczema *groan* but is otherwise health *yay*. The NP recommended switching to moisturizing shampoos and creams and a Free-and-Clear-type laundry soap. She also gave us a prescription to help the worst of the itchy spots. Right now I am thankful that we eat so clean (even Munchkin) so we could rule out most food allergies and issues. She does eat cheese and some heavy cream, but not very often. I plan on cutting back on those items as well, just in case.

Since Munchkin was rather grumpy after the appointment we opted to head for home rather than hit the kitchen store. After lunch (a hodgepodge of leftovers, I'm trying to clean the fridge out so I can try new recipes) and her nap we headed to Bi-Mart for new laundry soap and bathing stuff. Annnnnnnnnnd.....I got myself a present for reaching the 3 week mark:

A box of canning jars and lids (because I want to learn how to can) and a fishing and shellfish license. Whoo-hoo! I can catch supper (legally) now! This weekend we are going to hit the river and spend the day on the water. Hopefully I can catch some nice trout, or maybe even a salmon.

Hubby grilled up some steaks for supper and we sleepily cleaned the platter of beef. Munchkin crashed hard and right now Hubby and I are debating on watching an episode of Game of Thrones off the DVR or hitting the sack early.


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