Thursday, July 26, 2012

W3/W4 How Did I Miss Posting?

How in the word did I miss a day of posting? Oh yeah, I got busy with homework and Hubby was gone for a quick biz trip and suddenly it was late...

Excuses, always with the excuses.

I did work out though, so I am still on track for my Workout Challenge. I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes with a 3 degree incline while Munchkin took a nap. I could easily have gone longer but I had several assignments due and I needed time to go over them before submitting-trying to review work with Munchkin awake and playful is flat out challenging (not to mention nerve-wracking when she bangs a key and suddenly all my work disappears).

Today I lifted weights and did a lot of squats and incline push-ups. Pretty much whenever I had a free minute I would air squat or do a push-up. I also did a series of arm and shoulder exercises with heavy weights. It was difficult to push myself for one more rep but at the end I felt pretty good. Who knows, maybe in a month I'll actually have some biceps to show off!

On Facebook yesterday Primal Toad shared a great link for people (like me) who may need a little incentive to work out: A Hobbits Guide to Walking. How freakin' badass nerdy is that?? OK, I get that most of you Star War/Trekkie fans just rolled your eyes but hobbits are my level of nerdom. And a challenge to walk to Mordor? Oh count me in baby! Let's go!

Not only that but Nerd Fitness is a great site for inspiration, jokes, and...well...nerdy fitness (besides, Lego!). I'm seriously thinking of making sand bag weights to haul around the backyard (my neighbors are gonna think I'm nuts), plus he posts Paleo recipes and y'all know how I am about new recipes. All in all, a pretty nifty website that you should check out, if only for the Legos.

Plans for tomorrow: make healthy Mounds candy bars, work on math homework, walk a mile, and find a new way to cook pork. Good night everyone!

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