Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 23- Way Too Much Excitment

Had an exciting morning when the computer died on me. If this wasn't a wake up call to my internet addiction I don't know what is-I was almost in tears not being able to check my email.

Yes. I am that pathetic at times.

Thankfully I yanked my big girl panties up and went outside and played. Munchkin and I pulled weeds in the garden, fixed the leak in the pool, played with the chickens and chased each other wildly around the yard. Tons more fun than stupid email and homework!
Bush Bean Flower

The day went by fairly fast. (OK, OK, I admit it-I kept coming back trying the few things I could remember from my computer tech days. Not that I fixed it but...I tried.) For supper I sauteed pork chops and roasted broccoli. Munchkin didn't think the new recipe made broccoli edible *sigh*. The girl has suddenly gone on an anti-green food movement. The best I can say is I'm learning lots of new ways to cook veggies...and walking a fine line between letting her make her own choices and getting her to try one bite.

Honestly it was a very confusing and difficult day. I had some medical issues come up which gave me quite a scare (don't worry, I won't share the gory details) and with the computer down (and the fact I hadn't done a back up in a few months) I was worried and stressed out. I nibbled on too many macadamia nuts and blueberries, skipped lunch, and almost caved in at supper to get a take-out pizza.

Yes folks, I almost gave in. I really just wanted to crawl in bed and cry rather than cook. But, after staring at the pork chops I'd taken out to thaw it seemed stupid to stuff my face with crap when I only have 7 more days to go. And I wasn't hungry for pizza, I just didn't want to cook. Which seemed flat out lazy and whiny and just utterly wussy-ness .

So, I yanked up my britches again (I may have popped the elastic that time) and got to cooking. And, you know what? Once I had that meat sizzling and the veggies going I started feeling pretty good. No need for a good sob-just hand me a frying pan and a sharp knife and I was back in control! Supper turned out yummy (even if Munchkin didn't 100% agree) and I am back on an even keel.

I may need new underwear though. I think the elastic is definitely gone on this pair. Oh, and Hubby came home and fixed the comp in under 20 minutes. I love that man!

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