Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 17- I Wore a Dress!

And didn't take a picture! But yes, it was so hot and sunny I actually wore a dress. I love the sun!

We were pretty lazy today. Munchkin and Hubby went to toddler time at the library and played with the kiddos while I stayed home and tackled bills and paperwork (things I should have done earlier in the week *sigh*).

After lunch (leftovers) Hubby worked while Munchkin napped and I tackled the dreaded math homework. I'm never going to get my old brain to understand slope and rise and y-axis and...ugh. Hubby says my problem is I over think the question and make it harder than it is. I say my problem is this crud has no real-world (aka my world) application and thus should not take up needed brain cells. He laughs, I grumble, but slowly I'm starting to understand. Slowly.

In the late afternoon Hubby took off for a birthday party while Munchkin and I started prepping supper. The party was going to run late so I decided it would be better if Munchkin and I stayed home-she's a pretty good sport but when she gets tired the cranky crab comes out. Since we'd already had one late night for the week I thought it best if we tried to get back on schedule. Besides, the menu at the restaurant the party was held is not exactly Whole30 friendly and Munchkin, with her allergies, would have problems getting a safe meal.

So I was a spoil-sport and opted for safe rather than sorry. Hey, when your kid breaks out in massive hives when they eat the wrong thing you'll understand.

Munchkin and I dined on grilled steak and cauliflower with green beans in clarified butter-yum! (And green beans are allowed on Whole30 since they are more pod than bean.) Afterwards we had a water fight in the bath before snuggling together and watching Ponyo before bedtime.

Once she was asleep I watered the gardens and then plopped down on the couch to surf my favorite blogs. Tomorrow's big plans: weed the veggie garden, plant the rest of the Sweet Williams I picked up on sale, and then clean and re-season a cast iron pan. Good night everyone!

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