Friday, July 27, 2012

W5- Today Was a Great Day

I woke up in a great and energized mood (I even got up before Munchkin!) and headed to the kitchen to make the Paleo Parents' Frozen Waffles. They are SO good! I tripled the recipe so we'd have lots to hide in the freezer (Hubby especially loves them on mornings he's rushed to get out the door) and fried up a batch of spicy chicken sausage to go with the waffles.

By the time the rest of the family stumbled out of bed breakfast was ready. These waffles are delicious! If you haven't read Eat Like a Dinosaur yet you are missing out. After breakfast we hung out around the house, Hubby did some work, Munchkin played, and I went through the fridge and cabinets, tossed stuff that had expired and thought about supper. I had a hunk of pork shoulder defrosting and plenty of greens...hmmm.

During Munchkin's nap I rocked out on the treadmill to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along blog (and yes, I sang along) *sigh* Nathan Fillion is dreamy...anyhow, I walked for 40 minutes and got in a really good sprint in the middle. Tomorrow is Rest or Play and we are going to hit up the U-Pick farm for some blueberries and a batch of peaches for me to can. least attempt to can. It will be my first time canning, wish me luck! (And pray I don't poison everyone.)

In the afternoon I fiddled with Elana's homemade Mounds recipe. It turned out wonderful! My only complaint was that my mold was rather shallow and I would have liked more coconut filling to even out the chocolate.

I used coconut sugar in the filling rather than agave and liked the flavor. The next couple batches I'm going to leave out the sweetner and see how they come out. I'm thinking with a 70%-75% dark chocolate no extra sweetner will be needed for the filling but I will have to play around with it first.

For supper I decided to be lazy and just cut the pork into steaks and grill it. I know, I know, that's what I usually do with pork. Hey, it is really easy and yummy this way! I reduced a few cubes of frozen bone broth with some clarified butter, salt, pepper, and garlic to make a sauce for snow peas and voila! Supper was done.

And now to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics!

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