Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 25-Five More to Go!

After an aborted attempt to hit the U-Pick farm (my body went psycho and we had to return home) we hung out around the house and were lazy. I had zero appetite, skipped breakfast, and spent most of the morning in the bathroom. Hopefully the test results will be back Monday and the doc can give me some idea of what is going on. So fun when your body just goes nuts with no warning.

In the afternoon we all played outside, got very hot, and then gobbled up cold watermelon. Even the Ol' Man had a couple slices and let me tell you, it is very odd to watch a German Shepherd carefully position a slice so he can eat down the juicy goodness to the rind. Unfortunately I don't have a pic as my hands were full of stickiness but it was pretty awesome.

Afterward we were so sticky we decided to rinse off with the hose, and then since we were already we wet, jumped in the pool. Munchkin is starting to get the hang of swimming! Well, if she'd kick her feet...and move her something besides float and giggle like mad. But its a start, last year we couldn't even get her in the pool. This year she loves the pool so much that when we got out she had a complete meltdown (even though she was shivering and turning blue).

For supper I roasted a simple baked chicken with fresh green beans sauteed in bone broth and mashed Yukon gold potatoes from the local farm. I even cobbled together a gravy-though it separated on me. Of course, I did not have the potatoes but the chicken and green beans were more the enough to fill me up.

Now to kick back and relax. Hopefully the old bod will straighten up and we can go to the U-Pick farm tomorrow.

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