Monday, July 23, 2012

W1- Slow and Steady

Nothing makes a person leap out of bed faster than the sound of puking. At least for me, one of those wet burps and I am up and ready for the day. Poor Munchkin woke up with an upset tummy and we spent the morning pushing fluids and dealing with the yuckies. Poor kiddo. Not sure what the problem was but by mid-morning she was starting to perk up and by the afternoon she was back to her old self.

I got my Steady work out done late in the morning: a 60 minute walk on the treadmill with a couple 1 minute sprints thrown in. I only meant to walk for about 30 minutes but by then the endorphins were kicking in, I had the music cranked up, and I was having fun be-bopping along. Which was good since I'd spent a half hour or more trying to get my new Nike+ sensor to work and was in a very grumpy mood. Never did get the darn thing to activate...ugh! Thankfully Apple has a decent warranty program so I should be able to return it for a new one (key word: should). *sigh*

I didn't have much of an appetite during the day and snacked on some olives and carrots rather than making an actual meal. I've been working on getting the fridge empty of all leftovers and I seem to have finally gotten there. But then it looked very, very bare so for supper I grilled some pork steaks and roasted a big hunk of beef (both turned out excellent). Now we have lots of meaty leftovers for the rest of the week. I also roasted a bag of broccoli bits and (per Hubby's request) made a pot of loaded mashed potatoes. Good eats!

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