Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 20- Nuttin' Excitin' Here

Spent the day finishing laundry, cleaning up the deck, sorting empty planters, and watering the yard. Nothing very exciting but I am pretty pooped so this will be a short post.

I tried a new soup today and I'm waiting Hubby's response (he hasn't tasted it yet). I was probably nuts to make soup on such a hot day but I had the idea and just went with it. If the Hubs likes it I'll share with you guys!

I also made fish cakes using the rest of the fake "potato" salad from the 4th of July and adding tuna and egg to it. They were pretty good and re-used the salad before it went bad.

Supper was grilled pork with Brussels sprouts sauteed in bacon. Way yummy!

OK folks, I'm turning into a pumpkin. See you tomorrow!

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