Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 26- Cloudy and Muggy

We got up early to beat the heat, only to have the day be overcast and cool with a touch of mugginess. After breakfast (in which Hubby made the perfect cheese omelet), we zoomed out to the U-Pick farm and came away with our best haul yet: 11 pounds of blueberries!
Hubby's Perfect Omelet
Honestly folks, its a crime what the store is charging for ripe, organic blueberries. Our haul was under $15 yet those same berries, at the store, would cost over $50. Our goal is to go out every weekend and pick enough to last a year. Next weekend we are also going to get some peaches for me to can. U-Pick farms are the way to go! If you need help finding a U-Pick farm in your neck of the woods check out Pick Your Own, and Local Harvest. Scroll through your local Craigslist and newspaper for ads for local farms and ask around, you'll never know what you'll find!

Supper was corned beef and braised cabbage. Braising cabbage was a new trick for me and I'm not sure I did it correctly as there wasn't a lot of flavor and the cabbage was mushy. Hmmm...

For tomorrow I have a hunk of pork thawing and some mustard greens begging to meet bacon. Yum!!

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