Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 18- U-Pick Farms ROCK!

Woke up this morning to an alert from our favorite U-Pick farm that blueberries and cherries were ready for the picking. Whoo-hoo! I rushed the fam through breakfast and out the door we went.

After grabbing buckets we hit the blueberries first. Munchkin can easily eat a pound of blueberries a day (if we'd let her) so getting a few pounds to freeze was top priority. Once she figured out what was on the bushes we had a hard time getting her to put the berries in the bucket and not eat them. She finally got the idea though, and was soon running up to me all proud with a handful of big blue berries.

After filling the bucket we headed for the cherries. We were pretty warm from the sun and the cherry trees offered a nice shade with a cool breeze. Munchkin ran up and down the rows while Hubby picked and I lazed in the grass snapping shots of Munchkin. (To be fair, most of the cherries were out of my reach. I wasn't just being a lazybones.)

One of the great things about the farm is letting her just run free. Yes, we do keep her under control and don't let her terrorize others but she can run up and down the rows and yell and scream and just be a kid without bothering anyone.

After we were done picking cherries Munchkin was starting to wind down (doing a couple hundred wind sprints will tire anyone out) so I wandered the aisles with produce picked that morning and snagged up some more goodies before checking out.

I am always amazed when I get the total. I figured it would be around $40 what with all the berries but it was under $20!

So, what did I get? Almost 4 pounds of blueberries, 1/2 a pound of cherries, 2 pounds of green beans, 1 pound of sugar snap peas, 2 kohlrabies, and 3 tomatoes. Oh, and some water cause we were all hot and thirsty.

Look at these yummies!!!

We had a quick lunch of leftovers and then Munchkin went down for a much needed nap. Hubby ran into town to do a few errands while I finished planting flowers and gave all the gardens some water. My poor garden looks so puny compared to the farm's plants. *sigh*

Once Munchkin woke up we all took a dip in the big pool. It was still a little chilly but in the hot sun it felt great. Afterwards I grilled pork shoulder for supper, sauteed some green beans, and pickled a couple cucumbers (sans sugar).  We were a hungry bunch and devoured everything. 

Tomorrow: scaling Mount Laundry and a bridal party. I'm a little scared of the bridal party, I know "refreshments" will be provided but have no idea what. Here's hoping for some fresh fruit and lots of will power!

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