Tuesday, July 24, 2012

W2- Very Growl-y Today

I had my first fall from grace today *sigh*. For lunch I warmed up leftover grilled pork and, after finding a container of cranberry sauce in the back of the fridge, adding a dollop to the pork. It tasted great (especially when I added a huge handful of salad greens and mixed it all together-way yummy). I was halfway through the meal before I remembered where that cranberry sauce came from...a can. And the reason it got shoved to the Siberian depths of the fridge? High Fructose Corn Syrup. Lots of it. Ahhhhhhh!!

Not that I have anything against "corn sugar" but I've been trying to eat clean and Whole30-ish (ish because of occasional dairy and dark chocolate). So, after telling myself that hey, it was only a dollop, no big deal, I finished the meal and got Munchkin down for her nap. I worked out (lift heavy things! pushups! situps! dumbbell stuff!) and then found myself snacking on chocolate squares. And wanting more...

And then being EXTREMELY grumpy and pissy all afternoon. Yowza, NOT FUN.

Well, I learned my lesson. Back to clean eating. Maybe it was the high dose of sugar I ingested, maybe its PMS, maybe its just the planets in the wrong alignment, I don't know but I really don't like the mega-grump me and will be more diligent at keeping the sugar at bay.

(Also, I really need to lift heavy things, man am I a weakling.)

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