Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 16- 4th of July Recap

Have you picked up a copy of How to Eat Like a Dinosaur? You seriously need to! So far I have tried four different recipes and every one is a keeper.


The Paleo Parents really know their stuff! (And they should, with 3 munchkins of their own). Now, I have no idea if these are Whole30 approved (there's the whole "no paleo-ifying items" clause) but as it was a holiday and all the ingredients were Whole30 safe I decided to walk the gray line and make them anyway.

They. Were. AWESOME!! Even Hubby (whose had some pretty fancy meals in his business travels) said they were the best (he ate 5); and Munchkin couldn't comment, she was too busy snarfing up every one we put in front of her. She finally slowed down at 3. Plus, they were quick, simple to make and they froze wonderfully. (Hubby had a couple for breakfast this morning and said they were just good as fresh.)

After breakfast we went outside and cleaned up the yard so we could setup the big pool. Normally the pool is setup at Summer Solstice but this year it was so cold and rainy we held off. The day was gorgeous and after getting the pool up and the hoses going to fill it (it always takes a while to get it full) we had fun just kicking back and soaking in the rays. I could almost feel the mold dying on my skin and sloughing off. What in the world possessed me to live in the wettest part of the freaking country? Oh yeah, Hubby's job.

Look! Look! Sunshine!

At lunchtime I threw together a quick meal of grilled meats, salad, and pickles. Munchkin crashed afterwards and while she took a nap Hubby fussed with his computer. I debated on taking a nap while surfing the web for recipes and made excuses for not doing homework. I really should have done some math but...I just could not escape the recipe vortex!

We planned a late supper of hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken and salads. By the time everyone was done stuffing themselves it was starting to get dark. Hubby had picked up a box of quieter fireworks and once it was full dark he lit them up while Munchkin and I ooohhhed and aaaaahhhed.

I was a little afraid she'd be scared of the bright lights and sparks but no, my little daredevil was awed by all the pretty colors and was soon helping daddy pick out the next firecracker. I think she would have been lighting them if he'd have given her a match.

Once we'd gone through our stash we walked around the neighborhood and watched for some of the bigger fireworks from one of the park shows before coming back home and going to bed (around midnight, yikes!). It was a great 4th of July!

Today we were all a bit slower but Hubby got himself off to work and Munchkin and I walked around the yard collecting sparkler ends and spent fountain tubes. The sun was out again so I lounged in a deck chair while Munchkin drew pictures on the side of the pool and fed the chickens pine cones. (Even after showing her how much they love dandelion greens she was certain they preferred pine cones.)

Leftovers for lunch and supper was grilled steak (grilled by Hubby) while I sauteed some spinach (from Eat Like a Dinosaur) and steamed some broccoli.

Oh, and I got two new cookbooks today!  My very own copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur and Scandinavian Feasts: Celebrating Traditions throughout the Year.

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