Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 19- Tired But Proud

I didn't sleep well and around 2am sat outside and watched the moon rise for about an hour. Even so I popped out of bed and was zooming around the house bright and early. I was even up before Munchkin!

Munchkin and Hubby toasted some Frozen Waffles for breakfast while I decided to fast. Afterwards we cleaned the house while Hubby mowed the yards. We scrubbed down the bathroom, vacuumed (Munchkin's favorite chore), swept the floors, did dishes, and tackled Mount Laundry. We got a lot done and by lunchtime we were both starving.

I warmed up some leftovers from last night and threw together a quick soup from leftover chicken and bone broth. I also sliced up a fresh tomato and split an apricot between us. Munchkin and I fell to and quickly scarfed it all up. Poor Hubby (who came in late) had to defrost some sausage for his lunch.

After lunch I got ready for the bridal party while giving instructions to Hubby on how to finish Mount Laundry (which had become Laundry Hill by that time). B. picked me soon after and away we went.

The bridal party was a lot of fun. It was outside so I got to soak up some sun (and stay far, far away from the food platters that were indoors). I kept a glass of ice water in hand and met lots of new people whiling chatting with old friends. Surprisingly I wasn't tempted by of the food options, there was some fresh fruit I could have eaten but I was still full from lunch. We had a great time teasing the bride-to-be and playing silly games.

Back home Hubby and Munchkin had gone to the store and picked out steaks and asparagus for supper. By the time I got home the steaks had been marinated and were ready for the grill. Munchkin showed B. her chickens and we spent some time visiting before B. headed home with a bag of blueberries that we had picked yesterday.

It was a busy day and I am so proud of myself! I am not a very social person and meeting new people always makes me nervous (and being nervous always makes me want to nibble). I passed up some treats that I normally would have attacked like a starving tiger without feeling even a twinge of longing. It is great to feel in control of my cravings. Yay Whole30! Yay me!!

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